Is Elitetorrent Down ?

Is Elitetorrent down ? Check Elitetorrent status to see whether Elitetorrent is down for everyone or just for you.

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Why Elitetorrent is Offline ?

Probably Elitetorrent is down or not accessible due to DDoS attacks, DNS problems, server maintenance, bandwidth limits. The above causes should be temporary, and solvable in a few hours. It is possible that Elitetorrent is blocked by your ISP or by web filters. Lastly, it may be possible that Elitetorrent has completely shut down its service or website.

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Fix Elitetorrent problems

1) Use a VPN to Bypass Filters

Users located in UK, USA, Malaysia, India have reported problems opening Elitetorrent website, this may be caused by ISP blocks or web restrictions. Many users have also notified us that HideMyAss VPN has helped them in solving this problem. With the VPN service you can encrypt your Internet traffic so your ISP cannot filter the websites you visit.

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2) Clear Your Web Browser Cache

Generally, when you can't access Elitetorrent website, the quickest thing to try is to restart the web browser, reload the web page with F5, clear the web browser's cache, disable the recently installed browser plugins and disable temporarily the firewall software. You may also try to wait some time before visit the website, restarting the PC may be of help too.

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3) Update Default DNS Servers

Users have recommended also to change the default IP addresses used in the DNS servers. Using, for example, the Google Public DNS seems to have resolved Elitetorrent connection problems in some cases. Doing this you may bypass DNS web filters that blocked Elitetorrent.

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