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Can't access a website ? No problem, with a VPN service you can unblock any website easily. With a VPN your Internet traffic is securely encrypted, because a VPN encrypts everything. This way your ISP can't block websites you want to visit because it cannot filter the DNS requests. We use a VPN from many years and now we can't live without it, we use it everywhere!

Recommended: HideMyAss VPN Pro

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HideMyAss VPN is the best VPN on the market, we use it from years and we simply love it! What we like is the stability, the VPN software works perfectly on Windows 10, iOS and Android; moreover the VPN connection speed is awesome, we have downloaded files at over 80MB/s via the VPN software, that is a very good speed! HMA VPN is highly recommended also for torrenting, thousands of torrent users are using it right now.

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Download Torrents - Anonymously

The VPN can help you also to hide your IP address while you download torrent files with any torrent client software. Many UK users are very happy with the VPN because they can download torrents in peace, without having to worry about P2P spies, since the VPN encrypts also the torrent traffic. The VPN works on all Operating Systems and supports uTorrent, BitComet, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, BitLord and many more.

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